UltraPro® S100 - EMG/NCS/EP electrodiagnostic system



Ultra-Simple. Ultra-Certain.

UltraPro S100 EMG/NCS/EP electrodiagnostic system



Simply put, the best EMG we have ever used.

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UltraPro S100 cart vSNC screen


Welcome to the next generation of Natus neuromuscular diagnostics

When it comes to EMG, NCS and EP diagnostics, the best tool is one you know you can rely on. Developed in close collaboration
with physicians and technologists, the next generation UltraPro S100 with Natus Elite software builds on the proven success of
the VikingQuest and previous UltraPro models to help assess patients with more certainty.

We could not find one feature we wanted that the UltraPro did not have.

UltraPro S100 customer


A system improved. Easy to use.

  • Comprehensive system features built-in control panel with integrated
    speaker, electrical stimulator probe, amplifier, Natus Elite software
    and connectors for optional devices
  • Easy-to-use interface with fewer control panel buttons and colorcoded
    function keys — already familiar to VikingQuest users
  • Amplifiers allow electrodes to remain in place to accommodate the
    most common modalities including motor and sensory NCS, needle
    EMG and EPs
  • Programmable stimulator buttons for key function control at your
  • Triple-programmable footswitch for hands-free operation
  • Simple, three-cable setup to begin testing sooner
UltraPro System


Trusted Software. Reliable Data.

  • Industry-leading Natus Elite software powered by Synergy/Viking, with full patient and protocol compatibility with existing Natus products
  • Simple, customizable workflows speed up common operations like rollback, roll forward and edit average to generate reports faster
  • Includes AANEM reference values, automatically selected based on patient age, height, gender and body mass index
  • 48 kHz sampling rate provides high-quality signal with high-definition resolution for saved data in routine motor, sensory nerve conduction
    studies and MUP analysis
  • LivePlay up to 960s for optimal uninterrupted recordings and convenient offline quantitative analysis
  • Enhanced with additional, automated testing capabilities and improved integration for greater accessibility and system security



Comfortable for Providers and Patients

  • Available in two convenient form factors: a lightweight system to
    travel easily in roller case or mobile, cart-based system
  • Upgraded control panel allows care providers — and controls — to
    remain right at the patients’ side
  • Faster workflows and minimal repeat stimulation reduce time and
    discomfort of testing procedures


UltraPro Patient and Provider

Making a world of difference for patients and providers

For more than 60 years, Natus has been trusted by healthcare providers
around the globe as the solution source to screen, diagnose, and treat
disorders affecting the brain, neural pathways, and eight sensory nervous
systems. We’re inspired by positive patient outcomes and committed to
helping healthcare providers everywhere feel confident in their ability to
achieve those results. Designed with the user in mind, the UltraPro S100’s
enhanced hardware and software make it easier for providers to get better
data when testing for muscle and nerve disorders — and give patients
better answers.


Making a world of difference for patients and providers UltraPro

We plan to upgrade all EMG systems to the UltraPro S100.

UltraPro S100 customer


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UltraPro System

Simple means faster.
Certain means relief.

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