Otoscan - 3D digital ear scanning solution

Your complete digital ear scanning solution



Safe and Secure

For both the patient and the patient’s data

Better Experience

Build trust with your patient and they will become a customer for life

Streamlined Process

A complete, digital solution

What is the future of hearing care?

The patient has a need, whether or not they want to admit it. It’s up to the audiologist to address those needs by offering more than just a product – by offering a solution. With state-of-the-art technology in a simple, hand-held device, the Otoscan provides the patient with a personalized experience that is not only quick and painless but also more enjoyable. Experience the journey alongside your patient.


How can the Otoscan benefit me and my clinic?

In an age of over-the-counter solutions, the Otoscan provides you with an innovative tool to attract, engage and convert both new and returning patients. Provide not only a custom product, but also a customizable overall experience. Ensure a better fit the first time around and increase patient loyalty. Attract more patients, please even more patients and streamline the entire process. These are just a handful of the many benefits you will receive.

The Otoscan ecosystem

Streamline your process

Otoscan Ecosystem


The Otoscan ecosystem - End Frame Image

Otoscan is the future of hearing care counseling, transforming the way you provide hearing care. By giving you powerful new ways to attract and engage with new and existing patients, Otoscan delivers personalized solutions in an efficient and effective manner. Your satisfied patient will remain your patient for life.



FlexSelect subscription program Otoscan

Smart technology for a very smart price

Natus has introduced a new way for clinics to raise their standard of care without raising concerns about the budget. FlexSelect is our bundled subscription program that gives you access to industry-leading equipment and solutions to help increase your bottom line. The program combines Otoscan, Otocloud, service and education.



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